SmartWitness KP1 - 3G Video Events Transmission Vehicle Accident Camera

SmartWitness KP1 - 3G Video Events Transmission Vehicle Accident Camera

Product Code: SmartWitness KP1 - 3G Video Events Transmission


SmartWitness KP1 - 3G Vehicle Accident Camera

The patent pending SmartWitness KP1 is the world’s most advance incident camera with a powerful instant video transmission with the help with 3G/4G, also built in tracking and telematics data. Especially made to deliver evidence of event leading up to and during a road traffic accident/incident, the clever KP1 provides instant notification and videos of incidents in less than 60 seconds! 

The KP1 can help protect a driver from many issues faced on the roads including:

  • Cash for crash/Pre-meditated staged accidents
  • False/exaggerated whiplash claims
  • Conflicting reports of actual events
  • Lack of witnesses
  • Driving offence allegations (Speed Cameras, Traffic Signal violations etc…)

The KP1 features an optional second camera to provide a comprehensive view of any incident and also keep an eye on precious cargo. The KP1 will record exactly what happened before, during and after an incident. It does this by recording the following information;

  • Drivers view of the road and interior view using second camera
  • Vehicle Location
  • Impact Force of an incident
  • Driving Style (speed, acceleration, braking & steering)

When the KP1 detects an incident it sends a 10 second video clip from its primary camera via Email instantly to any authorised recipient. It does this using advanced telematics technology, while also featuring dual SD Cards for longer recording times. The KP1 will interact and report events in real time, either by email or SMS including daily driver reports and speeding alerts, alerting companies and giving them time to intervene.

Designed for semi-professional installation, the KP1 attaches to the inside of your windscreen using a high strength adhesive pad. The unit will be hard-wired into the vehicle’s battery or connected to the cigarette lighter and includes a lockable cover, which prevents unauthorised access to the SD card.

In the event of an incident/accident occurring, the keyholder can simply remove the SD Memory Card from the unit and plug it into a Windows PC using a USB SD Card Reader (Not Supplied). You can then playback, search, backup and email recordings using the Smart Witness Analysis Software provided.


The KP1 utilises many high quality components and advanced software algorithms making it the world’s most powerful video transmission vehicle camera. It offers many unique features including;


  • High Quality Insurance Approved 170° (Pillar-to-Pillar) viewing angle
  • Adjustable recording frame rate
  • Real Time HD Images before, during and after an incident, ensuring that no evidence is lost, even when not recording in continuous mode
  • Optional Audio Recording
  • Dual SD Cards for Longer recording times
  • Instant remote retrieval of court admissible evidence from both cameras
  • Password protected recordings preventing unauthorised access of recordings and data on the SD card

Additional Features

  • Built-in GPS receiver, ensures the highest accuracy for vehicle location and speed
  • Full Google Maps, Google Earth and Google Street View Integration
  • Advanced 3rd generation Bosch G Sensor – Thatcham Tested
  • Easily Upgradable comms interface – 3G, 4G, Wifi, WiMax, Bluetooth ready
  • Instant access to video footage and data – no servers to log into
  • Instant remote retrieval of court admissible evidence from both cameras
  • Enhanced vehicle information reporting including usage of brakes, indicators, headlights and more during incidents
  • Integrates seamlessly with 3rd party telematics platforms


  • Manufactured using light weight polycarbonate, keeping the unit small and light
  • Transparent Lockable Tamper Resistant Cover protects unauthorised access to the SD card and operation buttons
  • Attached to windscreen using 3M sticky pad for ease of installation
  • Can be hard-wired or plugged into the cigarette lighter plug


  • Manufactured using the world’s leading technology in a state of the art facility with approval to ISO9001, TL9000, ISO14001 and TS16949.
  • CE, RoHS, FCC and Emark approved for extra piece of mind

Other Benefits

  • 3 years of cutting edge R&D and over US$1 million dollars in investment, making KP1 the most reliable on the market
  • No on-going subscription fees or other charges
  • Powerful platform with remote upgrade of firmware & features
  • Choice of email, telematics or hybrid versions

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